Corona outbreak at PostNord could lead to delays in Christmas gift deliveries

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Several employees have been diagnosed with coronavirus at PostNord. Now, the company warns that some Christmas presents will be delayed as a result of the outbreak.

A total of 14 out of the 240 employees at the freight terminal at Alfaset have tested positive for COVID-19, the company stated in a press release.

“Alfaset is the center for the whole of Norway… It is a critical terminal for getting things delivered before Christmas,” communications manager Ole A. Hagen in Postnord told TV 2, who reported on the story first. 

None of the infected are drivers, and they haven’t been in contact with customers, but PostNord nevertheless warns that the outbreak will affect Christmas deliveries.

“Delays may occur”

“Due to extra infection control measures and the fact that some are in quarantine, changes and delays may occur in some deliveries. 

“We strongly apologize for this, and ask for understanding in this situation,” CEO Robin Olsen noted in the press release.

He also emphasized that they have decided to maintain operations at their terminals.

“We will strengthen our infection control measures and carry out frequent testing. We believe this will make it safe for our employees to work at the terminal,” Olsen concluded.

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