County Governor is to supervise child care

Flower memory in front of Sørland Center in Kristiansand.Flower memory in front of Sørland Center in Kristiansand..Photo: Tor Erik Schrøder / NTB scanpix

The County Governor is to supervise child care after knife stabbing in Kristiansand

The County Governor demands a review of the child care case involving the 15-year-old who is charged with murder and attemted murder in Kristiansand.


Acting County Governor in East Agder, Britt Møll Abrahamsen, conveyed the message in connection with a conversation with the municipality of Kristiansand after the tragic event at Sørlandet shopping mall Wednesday evening.

– After getting over the trauma, it’s natural to review and look at the background leading up to the event. It is the municipality that is responsible for child welfare and we require a report on their work with the 15-year-old girl, she says to NTB.

She explains that this is common practice after serious events. By asking for a report, the County Governor has in principle opened a supervision case. The inquiry is about whether laws and regulations have been followed.


Acting Adolescence Director of the Kristiansand municipality, Svein Ove Ueland, confirms the request from the County to the newspaper Fædrelandsvennen.

– I think it is very prudent if the County Governor chooses to conduct an incident-based supervision of child welfare in the municipality, Ueland says.

He states that he is well-acquainted with the 15-year-olds background, and that he is familiar with an incident in which she supposedly acted threatening towards employees at an institution where she was residing previously.

Lately, however, it supposedly has been quiet around the girl.

Run away repeatedly

The 15-year-old has been moved between various child welfare institutions across the country several times. in lieu of the knife incident on Wednesday she eloped from a child care institution run by the private company Næromsorg Sør (NOS) on behalf of the Childhood, Youth and Family Network (Bufetat). According to NRK, she has eloped from the institution on numerous occasions.

The County Governor state that they have an agreement to carry out a so-called individual supervision at the institution, but this has not been in effect.

– This also due to reasons beyond our possibilities. I can not dwelve into that because of personal and related reasons, says Abrahamsen.


It is also being considered whether an external audit of the treatment the girl has received at Sørlandet Hospital should be carried out.

In a blog published earlier this year, the murder indicted girl criticized the health care system for parts of the treatment she has received.

The hospital itself has routinely notified the Norwegian National Board of Health after the knife stabbings. hospital director, Jan Roger Olsen, has however stated that after an internal review, they have not found any faults or deficiencies in the treatment of the girl.

He nevertheless admitted to Dagbladet that they had misjudged the 15-year-old. She was considered as a person who could hurt herself, but not others.


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