Watermelon with toxic skin withdrawn

Watermelon Toxic skinWatermelon. Photo: Pixabay.com

Watermelon with toxic skin withdrawn

Bama recalls a batch of watermelon from Spain that has too much pesticide residue in the skin. The fruit was on sale in large tracts of Norway this week.

– The findings were made in samples of watermelon that were available for sale in the period 25-27. July 2017 in Rogaland, Hordaland, Sogn and Fjordane, Møre og Romsdal, Trøndelag and Nordland, according to the Food Safety Authority.

The withdrawal applies to Spanish, Stainless Watermelon in bulk from supplier Anecoop. The relevant party is held back at Bama’s warehouse, and stores are notified to remove the product from their outlets.

There are sold 2,640 of the watermelons through a variety of retail chains. People who have bought the juicy fruit with the red meat are asked to return it or throw it away – if it is not already consumed. Bama states that analyzes shows findings of pesticides in the skin, which very few eat. But to be on the safe side, the melons are nonetheless recalled.


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