Court case on the gondola project in Voss

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Court case on the gondola project in Voss, Hordaland

Development company in the municipality of Voss goes to court after that many homeowners have refused to accept having a gondola track over their houses. Voss is a popular ski resort situated close to Bergen and has fostered many Norwegian winter sports athletes.


– We have taken this step because we believe it is necessary to speed things up, so that the construction of the new gondola track can start, says lawyer Stig Harris to Bergens Tidende. He represents the developer Voss Gondola AS.

Application has been submitted to the County Governor, in order to work to be started before the court has determined compensation.

30 times every hour

In April, the municipal council granted the private development company Voss Gondol AS permission to start the construction of a new gondola run, from the railway station and to Hanguren at the top of the mountain.

This means that around 14 households get a gondola passing over their house every two minutes. Others must accept that there will come a pole or mast mounts on their property during the construction phase.

Use of force

The construction project has met a lot of resistance, and the municipality must therefore use expropriation, i.e. force. Now it is clear that 18 of the landowners will not accept voluntary agreements. Therefore, the case is brought up in Bergen District Court, which will determine the compensation.

The capacity is 1500 people per hour in both directions, in 13 gondolas with space for 35 people in each. The building will take place under the auspices of Voss Gondol AS. The Gondola company is owned by Voss Resort AS, which has for the past 20 years been responsible for the development of resorts and recreational properties at Voss.


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