Third corona summer in Norway approaching with low infection and no need for stricter restrictions, Nakstad tells Norway Today 

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On May 24, Sweden announced that the 65+ age group would receive a fifth dose of the coronavirus vaccine in the autumn. 

Norway Today reached out to Norway’s Directorate of Health’s Assistant Health Director Espen Nakstad to get his take on the Swedish decision and the current status of the coronavirus vaccination plans in Norway.

“The Norwegian Institute for Public Health (FHI) is considering when and how a fourth dose should be provided to other age groups than those previously recommended a booster. We have not received any signals indicating that a decision similar to the Swedish one is imminent,” Nakstad pointed out in an email to Norway Today.

He added that the FHI is also considering recommending additional doses to people with compromised immune systems.

“The FHI is considering additional doses for persons with a weakened immune system. As of today, a fourth dose is recommended, and additional doses are likely to be recommended for those with waning immunity.”

Nakstad’s summer expectations 

“As of last week, less than 10,000 Norwegians were registered with a positive SARS-CoV-2-test. The steady decline in confirmed cases and hospital admissions indicates that we are approaching the third summer with low figures and no need for strengthened pandemic restrictions. 

“We are not sure, however, about global developments and the risk of a new pandemic wave this fall. We hope for the best but are prepared for the worst with 54 million SARS-CoV-2 antigene tests and preparedness plans for both best-case and worst-case scenarios,” Nakstad told Norway Today.

FHI: No major changes in recommendations expected during spring and summer

On May 25, the FHI announced that Norwegian municipalities may be asked to offer a fourth dose of the corona vaccine to the 65+ age group in the autumn. 

So far, the FHI has only allowed some people who are 80 years or older to take a fourth dose, as well as groups with weakened immune systems.

“No major changes are expected in the recommendations during the spring and summer unless the infection situation and the risk picture change,” the FHI wrote in a letter to the municipalities earlier this month.

But right after the summer, the FHI expects to make new recommendations, department director Are Stuwitz Berg in the FHI wrote in an email to NTB.

“The most likely scenario now is that the municipalities will be asked to offer a new dose to the age group 65 years and older and some other risk groups in the autumn. It may be relevant (to issue recommendations) for several age groups, but this has not yet been clarified,” the letter to the municipalities stated.

Robin-Ivan Capar is a contributor and editor at Norway Today.

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