Crew member from KV “Nordkapp” assumed dead

Nordkapp Conscript MissingSearch operation: It was from the vessel KV "Nordkapp" that a conscriopt disappeared during the night before Saturday. Photo: Theis Roksvåg Pedersen / Sissel Amundsen

No hope of finding missing crew member of KV “Nordkapp” alive

– There is no longer hope of finding the missing crew member from the Coast Guard ship KV “Nordkapp”, the Norwegian Main Rescue Centre believes.

The search therefore continues after a man assumed to have perished in the ice cold Barents sea.


– The search for the missing crew member from KV Nordkapp continued until the early hours Sunday, to no avail. It is no longer considered possible to find the missing person alive, the rescue mission therefore changed at 9 am to be a search for a person assumed to be dead, says the Main Rescue Centre, Northern Norway (HRS) on Sunday morning.

The civilian vessels were then dismissed from the action, while the two Coast Guard vessels KV “Nordkapp” and KV “Barentshav” continue the search, led by the Nordland police district.

– The Main Rescue Centre is very grateful towards all the vessels that left their fishing operations in order to participate in the search. A large number of vessels, mostly Russian, helped make it possible to conduct the search, according to the Main Rescue Centre.

The warning about a man overboard was sent out just after 10 am on Saturday morning and immediately led to a coordinated search for the missing person. He was last seen on board ther vessel around midnight when KV “Nordkapp” was located about 93 kilometres north-northwest of Bjørnøya (Bear Island).

– It is still considered likely that the missing person was still on board around 2.30 am. Since that time the vessel had traveled a distance of about 130 kilometres southeast, to a position just east of Bjørnøya, the Main Rescue Centre informs.

The missing person is a male, conscript crew member who was on board as part of his obligatory military service, Communication Officer in the Norwegian Navy, Endre Barane, to Vesterålen Online.

The Coast guard’s headquarters at Sortland informed the conscript’s relatives on Saturday.


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