Demands national effort against gangs

criminal gangsCriminal gang members with stolen goods. Photo: frankie cordoba / Unsplash

The Attorney General demands a national effort against gangs

The Norwegian Attorney General together with the Police Directorate orders the police and prosecuting authorities to make a «broad and powerful» plan for combating of crime by the gangs in Eastern Norway.

The plan must be ready by March 15th this year,  the Attorney General. states In a letter.

The Crime Unit (Kripos), the Economic Crimes Unit (Økokrim), Oslo Police District and East Police District are asked to join forces on the effort.

The aim of the effort is to weaken the prevalence of gangs and criminal activities on a permanent basis.

Necessary attention to those pulling the strings 

“The importance of the ringleaders being given the necessary attention by the police is emphasised in the letter to the relevant prosecutors and agencies,” the Attorney General informs.

The letter is signed by Attorney General, Tor-Aksel Busch, and Acting Police Director, Håkon Skulstad. It is a follow-up of previous meetings with the relevant police districts.

It is highlighted that the Government, in its political platform, wants increased efforts in the fight against crime committed by gangs.

“Dedicated funds have been allocated towards this in the Norwegian state budget for 2019. These funds are distributed to the relevant entities,” the letter further states.


in the Norwegian state budget for 2019, the Government sets aside NOK 50 million to strengthen efforts against juvenile delinquency and crime committed by gangs for the year.

The initiative will go to strengthen the protection of children (NOK 10 million), the conflict council (NOK 16 million) and the police (NOK 24 million).

This to prevent juvenile delinquency and recruitment to criminal environments, as well as to combat criminal gangs.

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