Critical of bourgeois Government

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The opposition critical of bourgeois Government

As expected does the opposition not jump with joy after it became clear that there will be a bourgeois majority Government in Norway.


The most prominent criticism is directed at the proposed changes to the Abortion Act. Other ”highlights” are tax policy and environmental issues.

A historic day, in a negative sense

Leader of Labour, Jonas Gahr Støre, is worried about the forming majority Government that he believes may mean a start to a tightening of the Abortion Act.

“This is a historic day, but also a sad day,” Støre opinionates during the first party leader debate after the Conservatives, Progress Party, Liberals and Christian Democrats agreed to form a majority Government for Norway.

“For the first time since the 1970s, there is a tightening of the Abortion Act. This means that women who have to make an incredibly demanding choice related to abortion, a heavy and ethically difficult choice – are told that they must meet before a tribunal and lose the right to decide for themselves,” states Støre.

He, however, agrees with Progress Party leader, Siv Jensen, that the budding majority Government will ensure the Progress Party more influence on the Norwegian Parliament. He also believes the Conservatives will have more influence – but believes the Liberals and the Christian Democrats have contributed to fulfilling Erna Solberg’s dream scenario.

“I am glad that the Norwegian Parliament previously had the power to say no to many of the proposals from the Progress Party. Now they are being adopted, which means more of Conservative and Progress Party policies, implying more unsociable tax policies and less welfare,” the Labor leader concludes.

A platform for continued centralisation

The leader of the Centre Party, Trygve Slagsvold Vedum, believes the revised Government platform provides a continued high level of taxation for most Norwegians and thus increased differences.

“It seems that the Government has not listened to any of those who have been affected by their centralisation policy,” Vedum reacts.

He shows, among other issues, to the report on the police reform.

“In the report, those who wear uniform said that emergency preparedness and prevention had deteriorated after the police reform. The Government does nothing to improve the police today, they, on the contrary, say that they will continue the centralisation of the police,” Vedum thunders.

He also fears that the merger of Parliamentary districts in the notified centralisation reform will lead to poorer representation for large tracts of Norway [which will affect the representation of the Centre Party].

A good day for the rich and deniers of climate change

the Leader of the Socialists, Audun Lysbakken, believes that the parties in the centre of Norwegian politics have taken a 7-mile step to the right with the adopted Government platform.

Lysbakken believes that the Government agreement is a major disappointment regarding the climate and that it means that the Government will round table its way out of the climate crisis instead of imposing cuts in emissions.

We do not need any more reviews, we need emission cuts, he asserts and disagrees with the Liberals who say they have won a big victory when it now is a decision on up to 45 per cent climate cuts in the non-quota sector by 2030.

Lysbakken is happy the Government has not touched section 2c in the Abortion Act.

“It’s a big defeat for Ropstad. All those who took to the streets this autumn have won. the Socialists will vote against the tightening of the abortion law that the Government is proposing,” he concludes.

Ropstad should dread March 8th

The leader of Red, Bjørnar Moxnes, warns of «Norway’s biggest protest march» against the Christian Democrats’ Deputy Leader, Kjell Inge Ropstad, on the women’s day, March 8th.

It is Moxnes’ warning after the Christian Democrats succeeded in removing the possibility of fetal reduction, so-called twin birth, of healthy multiple foetuses before the limit for self-determined abortion is reached.

“It is a historic setback for women’s freedom when the right to abortion is weakened for the first time in 40 years. The whole debate oozes of distrust of women’s ability to make their own choices,” Moxnes writes in a press release.

He believes Ropstad should dread the women’s day on March 8th:

“Then we will put together Norway’s biggest protest march against his attacks on women’s freedom.”

Moxnes calls the four-party Government «a coalition that seems to bring the worst out of two worlds». In addition to the change in the Abortion Act, he also highlights an «economic policy that still pampers the economic elite».

“The richest really get value for money in the Government declaration. The Conservative’s rich uncles have every reason to open their champagne bottles today. They now get a bourgeois Government fighting for their interests and gaining a clear majority behind them in the Norwegian Parliament. Kjell Ingolf Ropstad has sold the Christian Democrats cheaply during the January sales, the Conservatives’ sponsors have acquired another doormat,” Moxnes concludes the press release.

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  1. Joakim Haugen | 18. January 2019 at 15:53 |

    So more groundless fear mongering from Støre.
    This is why people are against a government with him in charge.
    When all he does is play on cases he for some reason believe to be an important factor (abortion) he just come off as immature and at the same time show how removed he and his are from reality

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