Crown Prince Haakon on ski trip

Crown Prince Haakon on ski tripCrown Prince Haakon on ski trip. Photo: Cornelius Poppe / NTB scanpix

Crown Prince Haakon used Friday the 13th to go skiing in the Romsdal Mountains. Despite the date, he got through the ski trip without his skis or bones being broken.

The Crown Prince is visiting the Rauma municipality. Besides visiting local businesses, he got the opportunity to take a ski trip this Friday morning. Although the 17th of May is only a few days away, the temperatures in the mountains are still quite cold, and there are more than enough snow in the mountains to go skiing.
Later on at this Friday the crown prince laid down the foundation stone at the Norwegian Alpine Centre in Åndalsnes  along with General Nils Øveraas in the Norwegian Trekking Association.
The center has been planned for ten years and is both a center and a museum with effects, images and stories from the Norwegian climbing and mountain history. The center has a 21 meter high indoor climbing hall and the  design of the building is inspired by high mountain peaks.
The aim of the new center is to be one of the leading professional and experience centers in Norway for steep outdoors and Norwegian mountaineering history.

Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today