Customs seize prohibited fireworks


Customs seize prohibited fireworks

It is forbidden to bring fireworks into Norway without special permission, but so far in December, the customs at Svinesund have seized 142 fireworks mounted on sticks and 86 other fireworks packages.


In addition to the totally banned fireworks on sticks, the customs officers at the Swedish border have seized 50 rocket batteries and 36 packages of various fireworks, according to figures P4 has received from the Customs Directorate (Tolldirektoratet).

Section chief Wenche Fredriksen at Svinesund Customs Control says the number increases the closer to New Year’s Eve one gets:

– There are some who take a chance when they are in Sweden to shop anyway. They then buy some family packages or the like, Fredriksen says to the radio channel.

But it is completely forbidden. Private individuals are not allowed to order or bring fireworks into Norway from abroad. Everyone who wants to bring this must have a certificate of competence from the Norwegian Fire Protection Association and permission from the Directorate for Social Security and Emergency Preparedness. The exception is small star shoots, party bon bons, party poppers and such.

Those who are stopped by customs will get the fireworks seized and can risk being notified to the police. Fireworks, like many other items are cheaper in Sweden


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