Customs seizures in Norway in 2018

Customs Express ØrjeThe Customs Administration is carrying out a comprehensive modernisation with digital solutions to meet the challenges of tomorrow. The goal is to support the business sector's need for efficient shipment and equal competitive conditions while increasing the control level. At Ørje Toll Plaza in Østfold, a trial project is now underway with express customs.

Customs seizures in Norway in 2018

With the exception of doping agents, cocaine and cigarettes, there is a reduction in quantities seized in the Customs Administration’s statistics for 2018 compared with 2017. The reduction is particularly large for alcoholic goods and cannabis.

The international customs cooperation also led to a number of seizures of drugs intended for Norway in 2018. In particular, the cooperation with the customs authorities in Denmark and Sweden led to good results and prevented drugs and highly taxed goods from reaching the Norwegian market.

Many drug seizures still

While the number of drug seizures has increased steadily in recent years, there is a slight decline in 2018, with 4,223 seizures. In 2017, there were 4,352 seizures. The seizure development is related to the considerable number of drug seizures from mail and courier shipments.

There have been considerable differences/fluctuations in seized quantities of drugs between the different types of substances over the years. This is also the case in 2018.

Almost half of all drug seizures are made in postal items, and almost as many seizures were made on persons.

Modernises the Customs with digital solutions

The Customs Administration is in the process of a comprehensive modernisation process to meet the challenges of tomorrow. In the Norwegian state budget for 2019, NOK 445 million has been set for the next four years to digitise the agency’s goods and control activities.

The customs agency develops good tools that the agency’s employees benefit from in their workday. At the same time, we support the business sector’s need for efficient shipment and equal competitive conditions. This in a way that takes security and privacy seriously. In this way, the Customs Administration is able to perform its social mission even better.

Trial project

A trial project has been initiated with express customs clearance, in the first instance at Ørje Customs Plaza. By receiving the necessary information about the goods in advance, the Customs Service can target customs controls. At the same time provide for smoother border crossings for the business sector. Future solutions with digital border stations also allow for easier border crossings for business and other road users. This without the physical customs control being impaired.

The individual customs official is still the agency’s most important resource, and road users also in the future risk meeting customs officers anywhere and at any time when they cross the borders to and from Norway.

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