Cyclists using mobile phones is an increasing problem


Using handheld mobile phones while bicycling is prohibited in Denmark. District Manager in Safe Traffic believes that measures may also be necessary in Norway.


District Manager in Safe Traffic in West Agder, Ole Rath, says he has seen people use mobile phones while cycling but he doesn’t think much about it.

“Doing more things at the same time makes it more dangerous to travel in traffic,” he says.

Rath expects that more cyclists will be on the roads in the years to come, and believe the use of mobiles by cyclists will increase in line with the number of cyclists.

“As I see it, this will be an increasing problem.”

Prohibited in Denmark
In Denmark it is forbidden to use handheld mobile phones while cycling. If you are caught by police, you will receive a fine of 1000 Danish kroner.

Rath thinks that may have some results.

“It may seem preventive. We should not forget it, it could be a sensible thing to do in Norway as well.

He will not decide whether a ban should be introduced, but if more and more people are using mobile phones while cycling, he believes it will be necessary to do something.

“If people do things other than concentrate on cycling, it is clear we must take action.

– Did not perceive it as a problem
The leader of the Cyclist National Association in Kristiansand and the surrounding area, Tomas Nesset, cycles daily, but says that he has not paid attention to the use of mobiles while on a bicycle. He thinks that since he has not seen it often, that he can not perceive it as a problem.

Nesset nevertheless acknowledges that there is a risk of using handheld mobile while cycling at the same time.

“You only have one hand to steer and you do not have control of both brakes. In addition, it will be difficult to swing,” he says.

According to Nesset, most bicycle accidents are single accidents, where the cyclist themselves has caused the accident and only injures himself. He says, however, that there are few statistics on this, which he believes is due to the fact that there are few reports that are reported. Therefore, he does not look away from the fact that there could be higher numbers for bicycle accidents caused by mobile use.


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