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Danger of avalanches is increasing

Avalanche Avalanches christmas weatherAvalanche. Photo:

The danger of avalanches is increasing in several places in southern Norway

There is a warning about increased risk of avalanches in Western Telemark, Hardanger and Voss. There are significant risks of avalanches in these regions.


– Increasing precipitation and a lot of wind cause fresh snow flake areas to be formed in the height. The danger of avalanches is expected to increase significantly in the areas that get the most bulk of the fresh snow, reports regarding Western Telemark.

Also in Hardanger and on Voss there is drifting snow building up that increases danger of avalanches. At Voss there is also a risk of sliding snow.

The notification applies for Boxing Day all three places, as well as on Christmas Eve in Hardanger.


© NTB Scanpix / Norway Today

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