Dangerous drug copies in Trondheim

Illustration. Overdose drug pill tabletIllustration. Overdose.Photo: pixabay.com

Dangerous drug copies circulated in Trondheim

Potentially dangerous pills are sold on the streets of Trondheim. The overdose team in the municipality fears that the drug is spreading.


The tablets claim to be Xanax, an anxiolytic drug with active ingredient alprazolam. But tests at St. Olavs Hospital in Trondheim show that the preparate contains the opiate fentanyl – an active substance that has led to multiple overdoses, writes NRK.

– Too high intake of fentanyl causes people to stop breathing. It is very potent and fast acting. The body may be conscious few minutes after breathing stops. This is really a cruel way to die, says Nurse in the Health and Overdose Team in Trondheim, Vibeke Kleveland.

Eastern Europe

The team believes that the tablets are made in Eastern Europe and have found their way to Norway via the dark network. They first learned about the tablets earlier this year. Now they are in circulation again. Low prices mean they fear the drug will be spread across the country.

– Once we have discovered that Xanax copies are sold in Trondheim, it is fair to assume that they are also available elsewhere in Norway. The low price helps to increase sales – one tablet is sold at around NOK 50, says Kleveland.


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