The Dark Room case now includes one hundred men

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The Dark Room case now includes one hundred men

The investigation into the Dark Room case has so far led to a hundred of men being exposed.


-We have untill now only uncovered the tip of the iceberg, says the head of investigation.

Police investigator in the Western police district, Hilde Reikås,  tells Bergens Tidende that seven of these men have been convicted, 46 have been indicted in the police district and a minimum of five cases have been investigated and forwarded to the prosecutor.

The other half of the cases have been forwarded, either to other police districts or to other countries.

Seven men are convicted and have been penalized ranging from  30-days suspended sentence to nine years of imprisonment. Some of the verdicts have been appealed. In the months to come, five cases are planned in the complex of cases against men from Hordaland and Sogn og Fjordane. The first is due to start in December.

additionally one man has accepted a fine of NOK 17,000 and the charges against another man has been dropped.

Only a few very few casess have been dropped. In some cases, information has been gathered, but the evidence has not been sufficient to proceed the legal process.

Behind the operational name ‘Dark Room’ is the disclosure of a pedophile network on the dark network and sexual abuse of children.


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