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Dead man in Kristiansund to be autopsied Monday

Illustration. Police carPolice car.Photo: Norway Today Media


The man who was found dead near the Kristiansund airport on Saturday will be examined Monday. Police are working to determine the identity and to notify relatives.

Operations Leader Kjell Biesmans in Møre og Romsdal Police District stated that the deceased will be autopsied at St. Olav’s Hospital in Trondheim Monday.

– We are now working to determine the identity and to notify relatives, Biesmans said.

He said that the police are investigating on a broad basis and that so far nothing particular stands out in the case. There are no missed persons reported in the area, says Biesmans.

– It is described as a suspicious death; all the while we do not yet know the cause of death. But there is currently no evidence that there has been any crime, says the Operations Leader.

The man was Saturday found by passersby in the woods right next to the airport.

The police got the message that he was found at 5.41 pm on Saturday. Crime technicians and tactical investigation has been ongoing since Saturday. Police are interested in getting in touch with people who have been in the area Friday and Saturday, says Biesmans.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today


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