Demonstration against discriminatory U.S. entry ban to be held in Oslo

travel banAmericans and other expatriates gather to protest U.S. President Donald Trump's recent travel ban to the U.S. outside of the U.S. Embassy in Tokyo, Tuesday, Jan. 31, 2017. People gathered to protest Trump's executive order temporarily banning immigrants from seven Muslim-majority countries from entering the U.S. and suspending the nation’s refugee program. (AP Photo/Eugene Hoshiko)

In Oslo on Tuesday there will be an organized demonstration against the very recent prohibition of entry into the U.S.A.

There have been many negative reactions to the U.S. action over the weekend, after the new government imposed a temporary ban on entry for travelers from seven countries with predominantly Muslim populations, which also applies to refugees.

For Syrian refugees, the prohibition against entry will apply indefinitely, while other nationalities are currently being refused entry for a few months. In several places in Europe and the rest of the world, there have been demonstrations against the entry ban, and on Tuesday at 17.00, a demonstration will be held in Oslo.

‘Trump’s ‘Executive Order’ is a threat to basic values and human dignity, and sends dangerous signals worldwide. The order is unconstitutional, discriminatory and divisive, causing fear and hatred. We cannot accept this’, wrote the initiators on Facebook.

The demonstration is a private initiative brought about by three friends. The idea came about over a chat in front of the coffee machine at work on Monday. In less than 24 hours, over 2,400 people said they are interested in joining, and over 830 have said they are going, with the number rising.

One of the initiators, Charlotte Lysa, told NTB that she thinks the support is fantastic.

It’s a clear sign that we were not the only people who were a bit frustrated. We have obviously struck a nerve’, said Lysa.

‘We will gather in front of parliament from between 17.00 and 18.00, to say a loud and clear ‘NO’ to this development. We stand side by side with American demonstrators, and in solidarity with people fleeing countries where they do not receive protection, and with people from Muslim countries who are discriminated against on the basis of their nationality and religion’, they wrote on their Facebook page.

Among organizations that have confirmed their participation are the Socialist Left (Venstre) Party, Changemaker, The Norwegian Organisation for Asylum Seekers, Amnesty International in Norway, the Islamic Association and the Islamic Council of Norway.



Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today


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  1. Rikard Odin Stadheim | 31. January 2017 at 18:14 |

    Here are more examples of what Norway has done in the past year. Sound familiar? Why no great protest then?

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