Districts empties of ethnic Norwegians

Stovner Ethnic Norwegians immigrantsFlats in the Stovner District of Oslo. Photo: Anders Marius Knudsen, SCANPIX

Districts empties of ethnic Norwegians

Ethnic Norwegians in Oslo move away from neighbourhoods with a high proportion of immigrants.
Developments are most evident in districts in which the immigrant population is the largest, reported Aftenposten on Tuesday.
Recent figures from the Oslo municipality show net migrations of people with Norwegian, non-western, and other backgrounds, all the way down to the local neighbourhood level.


This makes it possible to see who has moved in and out of Oslo’s neighbourhoods since 2008.

The figures confirm a tendency we’ve seen for a long time. While politicians have almost formed a queue  to propose measures that increase segregation, ethnic Norwegians and non-Westerners have moved apart, wrote Aftenposten.

Less than half are employed

In Oslo, less than half of those living here are in work
These developments are most evident in the four districts in which the immigrant population is the largest, which include  Søndre Nordstrand, Stovner, Alna and Grorud.
In the district of Stovner,  Aftenposten gained access to figures showing  that 3029 ethnic Norwegians have moved out in the period between 2008 and 2016.

During the same years, 3418 non-westerners  moved into Stovner. In the district of Søndre Nordstrand, 1297 ethnic
Norwegians moved out, while 1451 non-westerners  moved in.


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