Double deductions SNAFU by DNB fixed

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Double deductions SNAFU by DNB fixed

Norway’s biggest bank, DNB, has rectified accounts of customers who had an incorrect balance due to double deductions. It promises to monitor its systems closely to make sure that everything is working as it should from now on.

DNB states just after 4 pm that all systems work as expected.

“We have worked on the issue all day. This afternoon we removed the reservation from the last customers who still had the incorrect balance in their account,” Communication Advisor in DNB, Andreas Nylund tells NTB.

DNB has experienced a storm of complaints from customers who have been charged double for card payments in the last few days. The bank explains this as a technical error that has meant that temporary reservations for purchases have not been lifted as they are supposed to.

“We again regret that it has taken time to rectify all the transactions. We are at the same time thankful for the patience of the customers. We find that the vast majority meet us with understanding, and are in high spirits. We understand, at the same time, very well that some are frustrated and destitute, especially those who are in an acute situation,” Nylund continues.

Safe to pay by card

Norway’s biggest bank is still closely monitoring its systems, both to check that everything is working properly and to clear up any remaining errors.

DNB states that the bank shall conduct a thorough analysis of the causal relationship and ensure that this error does not recur.

“It is safe to use the cards now. That has been the case all the while. It is not that money has disappeared, but that there has been a problem with previously reserved amounts not being cleared,” the Communications Adviser asserts.

Many discovered that they were listed with amounts in the online bank that were lower than they should be during the problem period. Some have even been in the red.

The error involved transactions that were made a few days back in time. The bank does not have an overview of how many customers were affected, or how big the total amount was, at present.

DNB first became aware of the problems on Wednesday.


The FSA follows DNB up

Section Manager at the Finance Scrutiny Agency (Finanstilsynet) informs that they have been told about the incident and about the work by DNB to correct the error/assist their customers.

“the FSA follows up that DNB is implementing measures to ensure that their systems work properly,” Johannessen tells NTB.

The Norwegian Consumer Council implores customers to closely monitor their accounts.

“Customers who are uncertain should take a close look at the latest movements in their account,” Section Director of the Consumer Council, Jorge Jensen implores.

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