Donald Trump is hotter than the record heat in Norwegian media

President Donald TrumpPresident Donald Trump smiles as he is applauded while speaking about taxes, Friday, June 29, 2018, during an event in the East Room of the White House in Washington. (AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin)

Norwegian newspapers have been concerned with record heat and forest fire,but the United States president still reigns with the victory in media coverage.


Donald Trump receives the most coverage and makes the strongest impression.He still makes Norwegians upset, and almost as sad as coverage of refugee flows, showed the AgendaTracker for the year.

“Donald Trump has been up to date on almost all international issues on the leaderboard this quarter,” said Sigmund Wøien, acting analyst in Retriever.

Every fourth Norwegian also stated that news related to Kim Jong-un in the second quarter had made them happy. At the same time, only 7% said the same about the US president.

‘’That every fourth person favoured articles about Kim Jong-un may be interpreted as a link to the historical meeting with Donald Trump in Singapore.At the same time, Trump himself does not generate the same amount of positive attention. This may be due to the fact that he has been controversial on several fronts lately, said advisor in PR operations, Nikolai Riibe.

Forest fires and record heat

Forest fires, record heat and the NRK strike have definitely also been popular topics in the media lately. But only 13% said the NRK strike impressed them,and 48% said they had reacted negatively to the coverage in the media.That is the most neutral impression of all things in the top ten list for the quarter.

“It’s sensational that such a big strike had not caused more feelings among people than this. This may indicate that the strikers had not been good enough at relaying their message,” Riibe said.

Football excitement

Not surprisingly, the World Cup is by far the biggest ‘joy story’ in recent months,with 8 out of 10 looking at it positively.

A total of 83% believe that the World Cup has been well covered. Furthermore,6 out of 10 said that the record heat and forest fires have had similarly good coverage, while only 26% believe that the coverage of the nuclear agreement with Iran had reached expectations. Half of us are pleased with the coverage of Donald Trump, showed the fresh analysis.

The AgendaTracker survey, which is a collaboration between Retriever, PR operators and YouGov,charts what media issues Norwegians have recalled, and how they
respond to them. It is conducted quarterly among a representative sample of Norwegians.


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