Double decker plan for Østfold rail in the blue

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Double decker plan for the Østfold rail likely to be delayed

The plans for double decker trains on the rail system in Østfold towards Oslo (Østfoldbanen), will likely be delayed even longer. This is due to that parts of the stretch lacks power lines that are placed high enough. To make plans remains a difficult exercise, even after the splitting up of Norwegian Rail (NSB).


In October last year, the Norwegian Railway Materials Company, Norske Tog, issued a tender for the lease of two storey train wagons on the commuter trains on Østfoldbanen to ease the pressure. The deadline for submitting tenders was originally set for January 22, before it was extended to February 18, writes Dagens Næringsliv.

Neither Norske Tog (Norwegian Trains) nor the potential providers will want to reveal any details regarding the tenders that have been received, a deadline for start-up or price quotes.

It is however apparent that there is a risk of further delays before the train sets can be put into service anyway.

According to director of rolling equipment in Norske Tog, Kjell-Arthur Abrahamsen, the grid line, which provides the trains with electricity, are placed too low on parts of the route for double deckers to be applied.

Lack of planning

– We are awaiting an overview of what infrastructure measures are needed to be implemented before we can proceed with the possible providers, Abrahamsen writes to the newspaper.

The original aim was that the train sets would be put into operation sometime during 2019. Even at the start, several potential suppliers made it clear that it could take a couple of years from an agreement is struck until the operation of the two-storey solution can be implemented due to lack of access to rolling material.

We should probably not be surprised by lack of preparation and planning in a state owned company involved with trains in Norway, it seems to remain the norm despite the billions being thrown after them.


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