Drunken man “deskied” by the police

Skiing DrunkenIllustration.Skiing. Photo: Pixabay.com

Drunken man “deskied” by the police in Kongsberg

An enthusiastic, but very drunken skier in Kongsberg  attempted to make use of the fresh snow to get home after a pub round in the city on Saturday. But his technique was rather faulty and the police therefore had to come to the rescue. He temporarily lost his licence to ski (if there is such a term).


– The patrol had to take care of a very drunken man skiing in the centre of Kongsberg. He was unable to use either classic or skate techniques, the police wrote on Twitter late on Saturday.

His particular version of Nordic combined, drinking and cross-country, will probably never become an Olympic event.  ‘After Ski’ is a of course a well known concept, it is doubtful that ‘ Pre Ski’ is a very good idea.

Ten centimetres of fresh snow is tantalizing to any eager cross-country skier, but coupled with a similar quantity of alcohol units is obviously not an ideal combination.

The eager skier in his thirties had been on a bender and intended to ski his way home, writes Drammens Tidende. But the ability to ski had obviously detoriated during the tour of the city’s pubs and bars. Several people, who witnessed the man’s feeble attempts to get on his way home alerted the police.

No danger to others than himself

– The patrol approached and had a talk with him. It became apparent that he needed to take his skis off. They then brought him home, operations manager Trond-Egil Groth tells the newspaper.

The man was not a risk to anybody but himself. The attempt to get home occurred on the sidewalks, but the police say that the man was very drunken, which had a very negative impact on his cross-country skiing technique.

As he did not violate any laws, he will not face any other consequences besides a probable hang-over.


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