DUI fee of 250,000 to Norway’s richest woman


Norway’s richest woman, Katharina G. Andresen, received a fine of 250,000 kroner for driving under the influence.


Andresen was stopped at a field sobriety test at Hafjell in the early hours of Good Friday this year. The breathalyzer measured 0.61, writes Finansavisen (finance news).

Oslo district court sentenced her on Monday to 18 days imprisonment and a fine of 250,000 kroner. She also loses her driver’s license for 13 months and will have to take a new driver test to get the license back.

The size of fines for a DUI/DWI is determined on the basis of income and wealth.

– Should the court at the present case, were to base its normal fine on the net-worth of the perpetrator, the fine would have been set at about 35-40 million kroner, writes Oslo District Court in the verdict.

However, the court has taken into account the fact that Andresen is a student, lives with her parents and receives a monthly salary from them – even though she is listed with a fortune of NOK 7.7 billion on tax lists.

Andresen greatly regrets what happened.

“I’m sorry I drove while intoxicated. I thought I no longer had any alcohol in my system, it had been it so long, but I should have checked it. And I’m very sorry,” she writes in a text message to Finansavisen.


©  NTB Scanpix / Norway Today