NSB is expecting chaos when rail traffic between Drammen and Asker is closed

E-18E-18.Photo: Tor Richardsen / SCANPIX

Several hundred buses will be put in service to transport thousands of travelers in an already busy area when rail traffic from Drammen to Asker is put on hold.


From Saturday 18 November through Monday 4 December, Bane Nor will begin upgrading the Lierå tunnel, which will lead to buses between Drammen and Asker during this period.

Over 300 buses will be put into service to transport NSB customers, which will lead to even more traffic on the roads, especially during rush hour; morning and evening. Thus, the stopping of train service will affect all road users, including those who use a car, not just NSB’s close to 10,000 daily passengers.

All trains on this route are affected by the work, including: Bergen Railway, Sørlandsbanen and the Flytoget. NSB is aware that there can be a complete traffic jams and chaos.

– There will be a lot of buses and a lot of cars, a lot of people and a lot of traffic. We are particularly concerned about the traffic situation around and between Asker and Drammen Stations.

“For example, there is no space around Asker station to hold all these travelers who are to take the train to Oslo. Therefore, we will drive direct. Us routes between Drammen and Oslo S,” says communications advisor Gina Scholz in NSB to NTB.

She encourages everyone being affected to research all alternative routes, taking into account the fact that there will be major delays and to inform their employers about the situation.

“It is important to also look at other opportunities during the period as well. Perhaps you can travel at times of the day with less traffic, maybe you can telecommute and be home during this period,” Scholz says.

She states that since October they have spread extensive information out to the communities, but many wait to the last minute on Monday.


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