E-services store data about Norwegians abroad contact

IllustrationIllustrations photo: pixabay.com

E-services are storing data about Norwegians’ phone calls and internet contact with foreign countries. The EEA Committee has asked Parliament to assess the legality of the practice.

The Intelligence Service can find out who Norwegians have contacted abroad, both via email, phone and Facebook, wrote Aftenposten. Data about foreign connector is stored and can later be searched by Intelligence Services.

Basically Intelligence Service a ban on spying on Norwegians in Norway, and Parliament’s EEA committee has therefore asked Parliament to consider whether the method is legal.

E-service has written a letter to the EEA Committee emphasizing that the practice is important.

– If this option to search information between Norway and abroad disappears, it will have serious consequences for conducting counterterrorist surveillance for cyber defense and the fight against proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, stated the secret service firm, according to newspaper Aftenposten.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today