E16 will be opened on Sunday after landslide

A big landslideVoss.A big landslide.Photo: Paul S. Amundsen / NTB scanpix

The E16 will  open for traffic once more on Sunday at 14 o’clock after the big landslide  at Hyvingstunnelen at Bolstad Voss.

Clearance work has been in progress since Wednesday when the slide hit, just over E16 at Voss. After a short break on Friday nigh, the work started up again at 4am on Saturday morning.
– Since then, there has been great progress in getting most of the masses and objects lying in the road remove,  Development Manager Bente Bergstø of NPRA says.
Bergstø reports that emergency vehicles will be let through from as early as Saturday night, and they plan on opening  the road, with manual routing, from 14 o’clock Sunday.
– There is still some mass that has to be removed, but we will probably be able to remove it during Saturday night, the construction manager says.
She says they probably get repaired the parts that have received minor injuries before the scheduled opening.
– If we manage to keep up this rate of progress we will probaly be able to open the road again  at 14 o’ clock,  Bergstø says.
In addition to manual routing, placing people in the listening post or other prospective safeguards are also being considered.

Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today