Earthquake in the North Sea

North SeaNorth Sea.Photo.Photo.Pixabay

An earthquake with a of magnitude 3.7 was recorded in the North Sea off Bergen on Friday night.

The quake was registered at 12:38am Friday night. Steve Gibbons, a researcher at NORSAR, told BergensAvisen the quake was registered 120 kilometers west of Bergen in the North Sea with a magnitude of 3.7.

He says it is not often that such a powerful earthquake is detcted in Norway.
– We have registered 20 aftershocks with such force or more in the last 25 years. So this was quite unusual, he said.

He says that the night’s quake happened because of movements in an escarpment, a fracture in the surface of the crust, in the North Sea.

The most vulnerable spots for earthquakes of a certain force in this country, is on the west coast, on the Oslo fjord, and northwest coast of Nordland.

Norway has experienced earthquakes with a greater strength then was expeirienced in Bergen – both in Oslo Fjord in 1904 and Svalbard in 2008. These earthquakes was measured at 5.4 and 6.2.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today