Earth’s resources for this year have been spent

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The resources for the year 2019 will be used up today, according to a report. This year, the day arrived earlier than ever.

The Earth’s Over-consumption Day, as it is called, or Earth Overshoot Day has been moved by over two months over the past 20 years, and this year it came earlier than ever, according to a report by the Global Footprint Network (GFP).

“The fact that the Consumption Day lands on July 29 means that at present humanity is using our natural resources 1.75 times faster than the planet’s ecosystem manages to regenerate,” the organization said in a statement.

In 1993, the day came on October 21 and in 2003 it arrived on September 22. Last year was August 1, according to the World Natural Fund (WWF).

Paints a bleak picture

WWF Secretary-General Bård Vegar Solhjell paints a bleak picture of the development.

Now we are losing our nature at record speed. For example, we have already lost more than 60 per cent of wild animals since 1970, and the UN Nature Panel estimates that one million species – animals, plants, insects and others – are in danger of being eradicated. It is serious because the nature – and the species in it – provides us with everything we need to live – like pure water, clean air, food, materials and medicines, says Solhjell

Chile’s Environment Minister Carolina Schmidt and chief of the year’s climate conference, which is to be held in Santiago de Chile, says that an important reason why the date arrives earlier and earlier each year is the increasing CO2 emissions. She says the importance of trading more environmentally friendly is becoming increasingly apparent.

The year 1970 was the first time that the use of natural resources was greater than the annual regeneration, according to WWF.

It was about 3 billion humans on planet Earth in 1970. That is estimated to have grown to 7.5 billion (or well over twice as many), in September 2018.

Earth's resources World Overshoot Day

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