Eastern and Southern Norway get a delicious taste of spring

SunSun.Photo: Norway Today Media

The days to come will give people in Eastern Norway and Southern Norway a real feel for spring, while the rest of the country must prepare for both heavy rainfall and wind.

Even before the weekend, the temperatures in the eastern mountains may reach into two-digit warm temperatures and can expect long periods with sun. This applies in particular to both Eastern and Southern Norway.

“We are expecting several days with quite high temperatures, on Thursday the temperatures can get up to 15 degrees in some places,” says state meteorologist Geir Ottar Fagerlid from the Norwegian Meteorological Institute to NTB.

He does not hesitate to proclaim that Southern Norway to be the weather winner this weekend and through til Monday, but says that there will be breezy in some places, so even if the temperatures will be high, the temperature may be lower because of the wind .

Somewhat cooler
Saturday and Sunday will be somewhat cooler than Thursday and Friday. There will still be good temperatures, but not quite as warm as before the weekend. Friday night there may also be a little rainfall on the Eastern mountains but not the large amounts, he says.

At the beginning of next week it will be cooler again and with some precipitation, but from mid-week it will get warmer in Southern Norway again. Some of the inner lying valleys may still experience night frosts.

In Western Norway, however, one must wait for spring, a few more weeks. Here it is mostly talk of a lot of rainfall in the days to come.

“Western Norway will have a very rainy period, it is almost typical autumn weather,” says Fagerlid. ”In exposed places, there can be several tens of millimeters of precipitation, mainly in the lowlands.”

There is not much rainfall in Central Norway, but here it will be rather windy.

“It will especially be very windy on Saturday afternoon and into the evening, where the wind will begin to howl. Otherwise it will be a mostly cloudy weather type of weekend,” says the meteorologist.

In Northern Norway and in the lowlands, it will mainly be mild and warmer temperatures, while for shorter periods, especially at night, the temperatures will drop below zero. The coldest weather comes to Finnmark, who will also experience some wind and some precipitation.

In the future, both the inner and higher regions in large parts of the country will be able to get some precipitation in the form of snow, so the winter has so far no plans to leave anytime soon.

© NTB Scanpix / #Norway Today