Elderly people in Norway fares the best in the world

Elderly people in Norway care for the elderlyElderly. Photo: pixabay.com

Rating: Elderly people in Norway fare the best in the world

Norway is the best country to live in the elderly, according to a newly developed barometer that measures the health and well-being of the elderly.


The purpose of the barometer, developed by researchers from Columbia University in the United States, is to compare how societies adapt to an increasing number of and increasing population share made up by elderly people.

From a total possible score of 100, Norway scores 65, followed by Sweden with 62, the United States with 59.8, the Netherlands with 59.5 and Japan with 59.1 points.

The five factors the scientists at Columbia University have considered are productivity and participation, health, economic equality between social classes, sense of belonging and security.

Authorities and politicians must change the way they think of older people, the researchers behind the barometer believe.

– Today, as more and more people live longer, it’s extremely important that we change the focus of characteristics of individuals and their immediate surroundings, to one that includes a strategy for the whole community to adapt to an aging population in a good way. This according to Doctor John Rowe at the Institute of Public Health at Columbia University. Rowe has led the work with the barometer.


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