Elderly woman froze to death outside her flat

ambulanceAmbulance: Terje Pedersen / NTB scanpix

Elderly woman froze to death outside her own apartment

A woman in her eighties was found dead on Tuesday night outside her own apartment in a block of flats in Holmestrand. According to the Jarlsberg newspaper the woman froze to death during the night.


She was experiencing early stages of dementia and was found at 4.35 am on February 27, explains Ulf Malm in the Vestfold Police District.

It is not known why she went out alone late at night and did not return to her apartment.

According to VG, she was found by a newspaper delivery boy.

Criticizes the municipality

A source that has contacted the newspaper is critical of the fact that the woman was not found until it was too late.

– To leave people with dementia with such poor supervision that it goes this wrong is scary, the person, who wants to stay anonymous, writes.

The source has not answered the newspaper’s attempts to make contact.

Municipal Manager Anne Marit Bakka does not want to comment on the case and refers to the police for information.

According to VG, the police have routinely investigated the case without finding grounds for suspecting that there has been comitted any criminal offense. Police inspector Eskil Bredesen in the prosecution unit at Horten police station will still not put it aside yet.

More than 50 deaths

So far this year, the cold in Europe has caused the death of more than 50 humans. The weather originates from Siberia and has spread throughout large parts of Europe.

– Those who are most vulnerable are the elderly, children and people with chronic mental or physical disorders,says chief medical doctor in Holmestrand, Ole Johan Bakke.

He stresses that the effect of the low temperatures that we now experience doubles at a wind force of, an example, 10 metres per seconds.

-Then there is an obvious danger that the outcome can be grave after a few hours only, says Bakke.


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