Electric car sufficient for more people

Elbilisten Electric carFamily gathered around their electric car. Photo: Norsk elbilforening

Electric car sufficient for more Norwegians

One in three Norwegian electric car owners are making do with an electric car only. In just one year, 10 per cent fewer households possess a fossil car as well.


Elbilisten (the Electric Car Driver) is an annual survey conducted by the Norwegian Electric Vehicle Association among Norwegian electric vehicle owners. This year sees the seventh consecutive edition.

In this year’s survey – Elbilisten 2018 – 9,520 respondents answered to how many cars the household possess in total.

The survey shows that one third of those who have answered have one car at their disposal – namely an electric vehicle.

It is still common for Norwegian households who possess an electric car also have a fossil car or hybrid car to their disposal: 63 per cent inform that they have such a vehicle at their disposal. That is down from 70 per cent last year.

The trend is nevertheless obvious: one in ten of the households in the survey has rid themselves of a fossil car since last year.

Soon as common to possess two electric cars

– This is an immense change given that it has taken place in just one year. The figures clearly illustrate how fast the electrical shift is taking place in Norway presently, says Secretary General of the Norwegian Electric Vehicle Association, Christina Bu.

She is not very surprised nonetheless, given that the electric cars are steadily improving, the range is increased and that Norwegians have become used to their electric cars through daily use.

– Then it’s only natural that more and more people realize they’re coping very well with just an electric car. Soon it will be equally common that households who have to possess two cars have two electric cars, Bu says.

As far as people’s travel habits are concerned, the survey also shows that the percentage of electric car drivers who say they have completely abolished any use of a fossil car has increased from 33 to 36 per cent since last year’s survey.

About Elbilisten 2018

  • Elbilisten is an annual survey conducted by the Norwegian Electric Vehicle Association among Norwegian electric car owners.
  • Elbilisten 2018 is the seventh consecutive edition.
  • The survey, among other things, answers who the electric car owners are, why they chose an electric car, how they utilize their electric car and how satisfied they are with it.
  • The survey was conducted via email to more than 44,000 owners of electric cars in Norway. It was held between May 2nd and May 23rd.
  • 9,520 people participated (21% response rate). The participants spent an average of 22 minutes completing the survey.


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