End of morning beer at Flesland Airport

BeerBeer. Photo: Norway Today Media

The city council in Bergen is tightening the provisions for serving alcohol at Bergen Airport, and this means that it will no longer be allowed to serve alcohol from 6 o’clock in morning at the airport.

– I do not think that people get drunk at the airport at 6’o clock in the morning. But such an early start will likely mean that drinking begins earlier, and I think many have had less pleasant charter flights due to  starting drinking early at the airport, in combination with beverage packages on planes,  health commissioner Rebekah Ljosland (Christian Democrats) says to newspaper Bergens Tidende, before she adds a question:
– And who really needs  to be served alcohol at 6 in the morning?
Ljosland, who is responsible for the licencing policy of Bergen, points out that alcohol law and local regulations for serving alcohol always said that the main rule for serving alcohol is that it is allowed from 8am.
– So I do not see any reason for us to give permission for serving from 6 o’clock, although the former commissioner allowed this, she says.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today