More EU opponents than supporters

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More opponents than supporters of EU in the next Parliament according to ‘No to EU’

43.2 percent of the representatives of the Parliament after this autumn’s election will be against Norwegian EU membership. 22.5 percent will be for, according to a survey conducted on behalf of ‘no to EU’ (Nei til EU).


For the first time since the referendum on EU membership in 1994, the majority of Parliamentary votes will be in line with voters when the Parliament is convening this autumn, according to a survey ‘No to EU’ has made among the Parliamentary candidates, ABC News writes.

The figures obviously apply if the mandate distribution becomes as it looks like today. The political composition of the Parliament over the next four years will naturally be different than today. But the opinions for all 417 candidates enhance the trend.

One in five unwilling to share their opinion

259 (62 percent) of the 417 candidates who answered, say no to the EU – Only 70 (17 percent) state that they are in favour. 21 percent of the candidates do not show their EU affiliation either because they do not want to show their cards, or do not have a clear opinion. It is not revealed how many candidates that did not answer to the survey at all.

– It’s sensational and serious when more than every fifth parliamentary candidate is unable to have an opinion on such a central question, says Leader in ‘No to EU’, Olaf Gjedrem to the newspaper.



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