EU denounces US treatment of migrants

migrants USAMigrants heading for the USA. Photo:

The EU Parliament denounce US treatment of migrants

The EU Parliament strongly denounce the US treatment of migrants passing through Mexico to the southern border of the USA.

The elected officials adopted a statement which strongly regrets what they call repulsive conditions in the provisional camps where the United States holds the migrants in custody. This, during the summer session in Strasbourg

US Ambassador to the European Union, Gordon Sondland, quickly replied that parliamentarians missed completely, that the United States rather tries to protect what he calls legitimate asylum seekers. The US only hold those who possess false papers, or have no justified claim to stay, in custody.



Intimidating migrants

The statement is not binding in the sense that it requires action on the part of the EU, it is more to be viewed as a political opinion. The elected representatives strongly criticise the separation of families at the border, and state that this practice seems to be aimed at intimidating migrants from seeking residence in the United States.

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