Even from “Shame”: – Would like another season

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Even from “Shame”: – Would like to have another season for my character

This weekend it is the definite end of the “Shame” success. – It has not dawned on me yet, says Henrik Holm, who has played Even.


– It’s a bitter sweet feeling. It has taught me so much, but at the same time I do not want it to end, Holm told NTB during Friday’s closing party.

– Even is such a complex character that he should have been given a season of his own. Now there are not going to be anymore seasons. But I still feel that much could be said and much that could be learned from his story. Therefore I could have played the role for several years, according to the actor.

Nothing about his plans

He will not reveal anything about his plans in the aftermath of the TV series.

– It will be exciting to see. I do not want to say anything concrete yet. But I’m an actor, and I’ll continue with that. We just have to wait and see, says Henrik Holm.


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