Everyone should get their passports as soon as possible

Norwegian PassportNorwegian Passport. Photo: Norway Today Media

Police urge anyone planning to travel and need a new passport should acquire it now. After Easter the influx increases, and the wait can be long.

Already passport offices reports of heavy demand, but after Easter the high season starts, Aftenposten writes.

At many passport offices you can book an appointment, and it is recommended to do so since the wait at the main passport office can be long if you just drop in. In some places one may have to wait for weeks.

In Oslo, the influx is already very large. All of the slots are booked, and there has been an influx of drop-Ins, said the head of the passport office, Bekim Olomani.

At Grønland police station in Oslo there is the drop-in every day except Tuesday, but making appointments are recommended, he said.

– The drop-in’s can at worst risk having to wait for five hours, says Olomani.

In Bergen and at many other passport offices in Hordaland drop-in has been abolished since March 1st, and you only get a passport by appointment.

The main season starts right after the Easter holidays, and we are already seeing an increase. Right now, one still can still book a slot, but from May on there will be more competition for them, says the head of the passport office, Kristi Fürstenberg.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today