Extraordinary national assembly in the KrFU

KrFU leader Martine TønnessenKrFU leader Martine Tønnessen. Photo: KrFU

Eight counties require national assembly in the KrFU

Eight counties have decided to demand an extraordinary national meeting in the Christian Democrats youth Organization (KrFU) because of the handling of Julia Sandstø’s (20) warning of harassment.


In addition to require an extraordinary national assembly, the county councils demand that an open debate must be opened on the matter of sexual harassment in the party and its communications with the media, as well as the election of a new central assembly.

– It is necessary in the situation we have faced, says Simen Bondevik, county leader in Akershus KrFU, to Dagbladet.

Julia Sandstø was interviewed in Aftenposten and told that she had warned  two KrFU leaders several times that she was harassed and pursued by an elder KrFU politician. After accepting to meet at the Christian Democrats (KrF) main office after the announcement, she supposedly was scorned by another party member before this meeting.

– The case had been over and done with two weeks ago if they had said sorry. When they instead raise doubts about my story, I have to speak up. I am probably not the first or the last to experience harassment by the KrFU, she says.

KrFU leader Martine Tønnessen is currently on sick leave, which seems to be rampant among leading politicians at the moment, but refers to a previous statement where she states that she takes the matter seriously, but that she does not accept Sandstø’s allegations. She refers to the Secretary-General of the KrFU, Otto Galtung, for further comments on the matter.

– There are things that we in retrospect could handle better in the case regarding Julia two years ago. We have regretted this and we do so once more, he tells Dagbladet.

He says that they will have a review of the guidelines at the country council in January and that the KrFU will continue the dialogue with Sandstø and will turn every stone in the process.

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