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The F-35 brake chute used for the first time

F-35 Brake Chute F-35. Photo: Lockheed Martin / NTB scanpix

The F-35 brake chute used for the first time

For the first time, the combat plane F-35 has tested the brake chute. This is important for use under extreme Norwegian weather conditions, according to the Armed Forces.


The testing of the specially developed chute started almost a year ago. It was used for the first time during landing at the combat aircraft base in Ørland municipality on February 16.

– Our combat aircraft must be able to land during extreme Norwegian winter conditions, and Norway with experience in this will help develop and test the F-35 brake chute. I am very pleased that the Air Force is on its way to operational ability with the F-35 in 2019, even under challenging winter conditions, says Director in the combat aircraft program, Morten Klever.

The brake chute is a form of parachute used to reduce the speed of a plane after it has landed.

– The F-35 has proven far more stable during landing with a brake chute than the F-16, which can be quite difficult to handle in such situations. – Among other things, this is due to the fact that the F-35 is heavier and has a wider landing gear, Klever says.

before 2025, Norway will acquire around 52 F-35 combat aircraft. Seven aircraft are already delivered and are used for educational purposes at the Luke Air Force Base in Arizona. Three aircraft were delivered to Ørland in November 2017. Six additional aircraft are to be delivered in 2018.


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