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Falling divorce trend continues

Falling divorce trend continuesSpeaking together at night.Photo: Håkon Mosvold Larsen / SCANPIX

In 2015, there were 250 fewer divorces, about 300 fewer separations and 150 fewer marriages than in 2014. A total of 22 700 couples were married, 9 300 couples divorced and 10 500 separated in 2015.

Since 2004, the number of divorces and separations has remained fairly stable, but has decreased somewhat every year.

A total of 22 700 couples were married in 2015, which is 150 less than the previous year. In terms of population in each county, Nordland and Troms had the highest decreases, while Nord-Trøndelag and Hedmark had the highest increases.

A total of 300 same-sex couples were married in 2015. Of these, 113 were between two men and 187 were between two women. This is the most marriages of same-sex couples since the new marriages act was introduced in 2009. About two thirds of the same-sex couple marriages were between two women, while the remaining third were between two men.

Ninety of the same sex couples separated in 2015, while 68 couples divorced.


Source: SSB / Norway Today

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