Man faces prison sentence for fraud


A 69 year old man has been sentenced to prison for fraud after having garnered people to invest a total of NOK 9.1 million in a casino boat in the United States.


According to the man, the casino-ship would take daily trips between Los Angeles in the US and Mexico, but the project was not close to becoming a reality, according to a recent verdict from Oslo District Court and reported in ‘Today’s Business’ journal.

According to the newspaper, the man is sentenced to three years and four months in prison. He also has to pay 9.1 million kroner in compensation to five different investors, and a Mercedes and a laptop computer have been confiscated.

In the judgment, it was said that during the sale of the project the man said that he owned a private aircraft abroad, a castle in Scotland and that he benefited by several billion kroner after investments in the United States of America. In retrospect, this has proved impossible to document.

The court pointed out that the project only existed as an idea on the accused’s computer.

“The defendant fully aware of that fact, but didn’t tell those he defrauded, it was stated in the judgment.

According to Dagens Næringsliv newspaper, the man himself thoughtg that the project was to the highest degree a reality, and rejected the fact that it iwas, in fact, a “castle in the air “. He did not acknowledge the penalties.

The man’s defence attorney, Erling Olav Lyngtveit, announced that his client will appeal the verdict.


© NTB Scanpix / #Norway Today