Families with children are separated

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Anchor children separated while Norway and Greece argue

At least two families with children are separated because Norwegian and Greek authorities do not agree who is responsible for two so-called anchor children and their parents.


In an update to the Ministry of Justice on May 14th, the Director of UDI, Frode Forfang, «makes the ministry aware of a problem that has arisen in connection with applicants who have come via Greece».

The two minors involved arrived in Greece together with their families. They sought protection there before they traveled, or were sent, onwards to Norway, writes ABC Nyheter.

Norway has asked Greece to take the two minors back, while Greece is of the opinion that the families should be reunited in Norway. While the UDI (Directorate for Foreigners) believes that Greece is responsible, the Greeks argue that they do not accept unaccompanied minor asylum seekers. The UDI reject that this is the case, as the minors have family members in Greece.

– The individual cases we refer to have been fully processed according to the Dublin regulations. This means that the asylum cases for the children are being treated in Norway, says Head of Department in the UDI, Vesna Curk.

“Anchor child” is the denomination for children seeking a residence permit in a country without being accompanied by their caretakers. Once they get a residence permit, they become an anchor that parents can utilize to apply for family reunification


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