Farmers Association unhappy with agricultural settlement

AgriculturalAgricultural.Photo: Norway Today Media

County leaders of the Small Farmers Association find the state’s offer provocative

County leaders of the Norwegian Small Farmers Association (Norsk småbrukarlag) finds the state’s offer for an agricultural settlement provocative. They believe that the Government gives a damn in the notice on farming that the Parliament has agreed on.


According to the farmers’ own newspaper, Nationen, are local leaders in the association of small farms very critical to the removal of the target price on pigs and the funding of information offices, cuts in acreage- and grazing supports and a large increase in the price on concentrated feed.

– The offer is shockingly bad. It’s a rematch on the agricultural report and does not respond to what was adopted by the Parliament, says president of the Telemark Farmers Association, Aslak Snarteland.

Ståle Nordmo leader in Nordland Farmers Association says that the redistribution Government proposes is made to create internal strife among farmers.

Words like “crisis”, “disrespectful”, “incomprehensible” and “catastrophe” is used in farmers criticism. Nevertheless, most of them agree to meet the State at the negotiating table to reach an agreement.


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