FHI is expecting an increase in corona cases in the near future

Line VoldLine Vold in the Public Health Institute.Photo: Terje Pedersen / NTB scanpix

Line Vold at the Norwegian Institute of Public Health (FHI) says that they expect the rates of infection to increase in the time to come, as more of society is reopened.

This week the kindergartens opened and the cabin ban was lifted. From Monday, hairdressers and skincare salons will also open.

The gradual reopening of society means that the Norwegian Institute of Public Health believes that corona infections in Norway will increase in the coming period.

“We are reminding people that we expect an increase in infection rates in the future as we now ease up on infection prevention measures,” said Department Director Line Vold at the Norwegian Institute of Public Health, during Thursday’s corona press conference.

So far, 7,368 coronavirus infections have been registered in Norway, and the infection rates have recently been declining.

“Although we expect the infection to increase, it does not mean that the epidemic is out of control. We are monitoring the situation closely and are increasing the testing capacity, and strengthening the monitoring so that measures can be adjusted according to the situation,” Vold said.

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  1. It’s under control now. When they really open the lockdown on Monday without mandatory facemasking, it will immediately skyrocket out of control. (Pity the poor bus drivers and train conductors.)

    The Germans are the latest to have made facemask wearing mandatory.

    Again, there are plans out there for people to make their own, which aren’t as good as the professional versions (which must be saved for health staff who are now going to be critically needing them) but can make the decisive difference in preventing the disease spreading like wildfire, like it did before the lockdown.

    All the sacrifice and success of the lockdown to be thrown away, stupidly. Unbelievable.

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