Find the heat in Southern Norway

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Find the heat in Southern Norway this weekend

Parts of southern Norway can expect 20 to 25 degrees towards the end of the week. Before that time it is uncertain throughout the country.


– Even though most places in the country can expect rain showers this week, different areas will also have days of clear skies and periods of sunshine, encourages State Meteorologist John Smits.

We have come to the second week in July, and for many, the summer month has not provided the best weather ever. It may not come as a shock that unstable and varied weather is also the talk of the town in the coming week. John Smits explains that meteorologists currently have a challenging job.

– We are in a period where the forecasts are varied and uncertain. Beyond the week, the forecasts are very diverging. That’s how it’s been a while, he says.

– But if I have to sum it up, western Norway, Agder counties, Buskerud and Telemark gets the best weather this week. Otherwise there is great variation in the country – with rain showers, dry spells and sunny weather helter-skelter.

Unstable start in the south – but it ends well

– Thursday and Friday it seems that the weather improves many places in southern Norway. The rain showers will leave from Trøndelag, Møre og Romsdal, South and Eastern Norway, and there will be periods of sunshine. Western Norway is also quite good with clear weather and some sunshine. It can reach 20 degrees here and there, Smits reports.

– Most hours of sunshine during the week, except northern Norway, which has midnight sun, will be in south western Norway, the Agder counties, Buskerud and in Telemark.

But where can Norwegians find the sought after warm weather?

– It’s hard to tell, but if we are lucky on Friday and Saturday, it can reach around 25 degrees, for example in Gulsvik and Nesbyen in Buskerud.

Have you thought about holiday in Norway this week; it looks like you should take the trip to the south of the country. The prospects for northern Norway are not so good.

From hot to cold in the north

– While Finnmark woke up to over 20 degrees Monday, this heat will soon be replaced by cooler air from the south. Unfortunately, the good weather does not last for the rest of the week, Smits complains.

Tuesday and Wednesday, northern Norway can expect rain showers that come and go, and no sky high temperatures. Outer jacket must probably be retrieved as the temperature in Troms can fall to below ten degrees. The warmest will be in Finnmark, but temperatures will not reach the twenties.

– Friday, it looks like that a high pressure approaches and keeps the rain away on Saturday, the meteorologist comforts.

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