Finnish people seek to end summer daylight saving time in the European Union

The Finnish flagThe Finnish flag

The Finnish representatives elected to the European Parliament are tired of silence. Now the EU Commission are asked to change the daylight saving directive.


All EU parliamentarians from Finland have signed the appeal.

They say it’s unhealthy to switch between daylight saving time and normal time. The reason is that it interferes with the biological clock. Therefore, they are now asking the EU Commission to review the EU summertime directive for new assessment.
The EU Commission confirmed the debate is under way.

‘The commission has begun looking at the question and will take into account all available data. We will update you when we have reached a conclusion,’ said the EU Commission’s press spokeswoman, Mina Andreeva.

In the meantime, the Finns are exploring the possibilities that elected representatives from other EU countries agree with them.

A signature campaign is underway internally in Finland, to demand the end of summer time.

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