End of summer time heralds an extra hour at the weekend

Summer time starts night to SundayRemember to reset the clock on Sunday morning,.Photo: NTB SCANPIX

On Saturday night, the clock will be set one hour back, but not everyone follows summer time.


The Russians have stopped using it, and the Finns protest about it.

The time shift will happen simultaneously in Norway and the EU after Norway co-ordinated with the EU in 1996. Summer time has become a hot political theme in Europe.

The EU directive states that all EU countries must switch from summer time on the same day.

In Russia, that practice has more or less been discontinued since 2011.

The then Russian President, Dmitry Medvedev, said that Russians disliked that they either lost or gained an extra hour that they didn’t anticipate usiong for anything in particular.

The same frustration can be found in Finland, where over 50,000 have appealed against the timechanges.

Despite the disgruntled Finns and Russians, the practice will continue in Norway. At 03.00 on Sunday, the clock will go back to 02.00.

This means that people can sleep an hour later, or enjoy an extra long lunch on Sunday.


©  NTB Scanpix / Norway Today