The fireworks weather arrives

New Year's EveNew Year's Eve

Wind, snow, sludge, rain, and grey skies will be the pattern for the New Year’s weather. The farther north you go, the better the fireworks will seem.


When midnight heralds in 2018 on Sunday, the country’s weather conditions will be quite split.

‘There are no signs of fierce storms in some places, but there is a development of low pressure on the way outside of Western Norway,’ said state meteorologist, and weather forecaster for NRK news,Kristian Gislefoss.

Low pressure layer curls in

Both southern and eastern Norway can expect low low cloud in the morning.

During the day, there will be precipitation, either in the form of rain, or snow.

Oslo can expect a blend of snow and sludge.

‘At twelve midnight, there is the greatest chance of rainfall in southern Norway, and in Telemark, while large parts of eastern Norway will escape it. On the other hand, there’ll be very low cloud cover, and not the best weather for fireworks,’said Gislefoss.

The greatest chance of fog will be in the south.
Western Norway is unpredictable. Possible rainfall depends on whether the low

pressure will move on or not.

‘There is low pressure here that makes a little curl around. Moving a bit is possible, but it seems that there will be periods of changeable weather. This will be clarified more fully during the day’, said the State Meteorologist.

The mountain people could expect a couple of degrees temperature drop where snow might occur, although Gislefoss emphasized that it is unlikely.

The wind will blow hardest along the Rogaland coast, and towards Sørlandet, and

The winners of the fireworks weather lottery
The rest of the country could meet 2018 with quite clear firework weather.

‘From Møre and Romsdal, and northerly, it seems there will be a shelter. The least clouds will be in northern Norway, in large parts of Finnmark, Troms and Nordland.
These areas are clearly the winners’, emphasized Gislefoss.

In exposed fjords, there may be some wind. In the outer regions of Troms and Finnmark, light clouds may also occur.

Trøndelag also gets a break, and Trondheim will reach approximately zero degrees,with some clouds.

In Spitsbergen and Svalbard, the good firework conditions will continue.

‘Especially in Longyearbyen, it will continue to be not too windy. To the south of  Spitsbergen, a breeze could blow. In that area, it will be approximately minus 15 degrees’, said Gislefoss.


Source: NRK / Norway Today