First electric aircraft in Norwegian scheduled traffic within 10 years

Electric AircraftElectric Aircraft.Photo: Avinor

Electric aircraft could be the rescue of the short-distance network in northern Norway, said Avinor.


‘It will be a lot cheaper to fly,’ said Jan Otto Reimers, special adviser in Avinor.

Imagine you’re in a plane on a short-distance flight in Norway. A quiet announcement sounds, and the plane takes off. After a short time you will arrive at the next short-distance flight airport stop, and you can leave after paying a ticket corresponding to the price of a bus ticket.

It may sound like a vision from the future. But Reimers believes that the electric aviation revolution will arrive in Norway during the next decade.

‘If testing is underway, we’ll see the electric aircraft already by 2025. If the aircraft are to be used commercially, we’re talking about 2030. But to get it done, planning and development are required.

Among other things, electric aircraft will require charging stations at the airports, Reimers told NRKnews.

Norway well ahead

Norway is already well ahead in this field. Additionally, Norway has self-sufficiency for renewable electricity.

It is likely that the emergence of electric aircraft will follow the same methodology as electric cars,’ said Reimers.

The first planes will be a hybrid aircraft, which use electric motors to take off, but uses conventional jet fuel to cruise when at altitude. That is the least energy-intensive way to go.

‘But when landing, the plane will go back to electric motors. At best, this could reduce CO2 emissions, and fuel consumption, by 20%,’ said Reimers.

Cheaper tickets

‘What’s particularly exciting is that you’ll reduce costs to passengers to a much lower level. The planes will become similar to buses, and will be far more effective than trains or other means of transport. Simultaneously, they’ll have a fantastic environmental profile’, said Reimers.

This means a new revolution for the approximately 25 Norwegian airports on the short-distance circuit in Norway.


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