First semi-final test performed by JOWST

JOWST, Semi FinalJOWST, Kiev, Photo: Andres Putting, EBU

First semi-final test performed by JOWST before the ESC

The much-publicized light-mask was a little hard to spot when JOWST entered the stage in the first semi-final test before the Eurovision Song Contest (ESC) on Wednesday. The real deal is on Thursday.



The LED mask has become the trademark of songwriter and producer Joakim With Steen. However, from the audience’s viewpoint the effect was a little hard to see.

– Ah, thank you so much, finished a clearly pleased vocalist Aleksander Walmann after the performance.

Norway is country number twelve on the stage in Thursday’s semi-final, the second of two. There they meet, among others, opposition from Denmark. If JOWST goes through, the final is awaits Saturday, May 13th.

The first semifinal of this year’s Eurovision Song Contest was held on Tuesday. As expected, Sweden, sailed through, while Iceland and Finland unfortunately did not make the cut.

Last year winner and therefore organizer Ukraine is directly qualified for the final, together with the ‘five major countries in the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) – the UK, Italy, Spain, Germany and France. Italy is by far the biggest favourite to win, followed by Bulgaria, Portugal and Sweden.


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